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Past Performance - Brokerage


McClellan Air Force Base, Confirmed Site 10 – Radiological Removal Action, Radiological Protection Support Services, McClellan CARoll -Off Containers

  • Prepared 37 roll-off bins of contaminated soil for disposal at US Ecology
  • Provided onsite radioanalytical laboratory services        
  • Provided Health Physics support services


NAS Jacksonville DRMO, Waste Brokerage, Jacksonville, FLbarrels

  • Characterized, packaged and shipped for processing and disposal approximately 24,000 cu ft
  • Performed the following on-site work in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Visually inspected the materials and containers and verified the submitted inventory
  • Packaged and/or repackaged material, as required
  • Prepared containers for shipment.
  • Completed shipping documents.
  • Loaded, blocked and braced containers for shipment.

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