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RemediationRemediation. Remediate sites that have been contaminated with hazardous and/or radioactive materials through previous operations or spill scenarios.
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ConstructionConstruction. From site planning and foundation preparation to full facility construction, including electrical and communication wiring installation.
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DecommissionDecommissioning. Services ranging from initial consultation and planning to release-level decontamination and dismantlement of facilities.

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HRA-HSAHRA/HSA. Historical Radiological Site Assessments

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UXOUnexploded Ordnance . Conduct both surface and subsurface clearance of contaminated areas. Ordnance including munitions, rockets, missiles, general-purpose bombs, artillery rounds, land mines and pyrotechnic devices.  more info

BrokerageBrokerage . Oversee the transportation of radioactive, mixed and hazardous materials from a generator or licensee to a disposal site, processing facility or other licensed facility.   more info

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