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Past Performance - Remediation

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Radiological Investigations and Surveys, San Francisco, CA

    • Designed and conducted Class 1, 2, and 3 MARSSIM, scoping, and characterization surveys in buildings and impacted sites
    • Performed alpha, beta and gamma scans and direct readings; exposure rate measurements; swipe samples; and solid sampling.
    • Developed Health and Safety, QA and Survey Plans
    • Incorporated GPS/GIS data
    • Assisted in Historical Radiological Assessment (HRA) development

    Department of Energy – Portsmouth Remediation Transportation Services Contract

      • Successfully coordinated the delivery of over 400 secure shipments, providing drivers, and transport equipment to meet all shipping requirements. 
      • Provided and maintained 30 trailers with specialized rolling tarp systems as well as 10 flatbed trailers. 
      • This campaign utilized 86 tractors and 112 drivers (26 teams and 60 singles) and shipped up to 32 shipments per week
      • No injuries or accidents occurred and the campaign was completed 6 months ahead of schedule

      Saint Paul Island Remediation - Various Contracts

      • Demolition / Soil Remediation E-Shop (NOAA)
      • Demolition / Soil Remediation Decommissioned Power Plant

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