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Past Performance - Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Yodaville Urban Training Range, Yuma, AZ

  • Conducted comprehensive and full scope target refurbishment of  urban training complex to include:
    • Development of Work Plan, Site Specific Health and Safety Plan, and Accident Prevention Plan, Quality Assurance Protocol
    • Range clearance, destruction of UXO, Range Residue Removal and Recycling, Target Replacement and Monitoring for LLRW
    • Operated under very austere conditions and under very compressed schedule to meet USMC training needs


Camp Pendleton, California

    • Conducted full range of range residue removal, ordnance demilitarization from the target prep areas and conducted over 50 acres of surface clearance removing ordnance debris from the area
    • Developed Work Plan, Site Specific Health and Safety Plan, and Quality Assurance Protocol
    • All range residue removed using a process that monitored for LLRW, and used a certifying/verifying inspection process along with chain of custody transfer procedures to track removed material



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